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November 08, 2005


Court to hear terror-trial case

The Supreme Court announced yesterday that it would hear a challenge to the Bush administration's plan to try foreign terror suspects in special military courts, setting the stage for a ruling on whether the Geneva Conventions trump the president's go-it-alone policy in the war on terrorism. pg 1a

N.J., Va. governor races near end

A pair of big-spending, notably nasty races for governor in Virginia and New Jersey entered their final hours yesterday as the candidates made last-minute blitzes and brought in political heavy-hitters to help campaign. pg 3a


France to impose curfews

France will impose curfews and call up hundreds of police reservists to stop rioting that has spread across the country. Earlier, a 61-year-old man died of injuries from an attack last week, the first death from the violence. pg 11a

4 U.S. soldiers killed by bomber

Four U.S. soldiers were killed yesterday when a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle at a checkpoint south of Baghdad. The U.S. command also announced that five Army Rangers were charged with kicking and punching Iraqi detainees. pg 14a


Voters favor stem-cell research

Maryland voters overwhelmingly support embryonic stem-cell research, a new poll for The Sun shows, with growing numbers of Republicans backing the science. The poll also reveals that voters believe education is the most important problem facing the state today. pg 1a

State blocks computer database

The state has yanked the Baltimore public defenders' access to a computer database that they've used to research their clients' criminal records, prompting complaints that the information block could lead to unfair bail hearings and longer stays in jail for people awaiting trial. pg 1b


Eagles bench Owens rest of 2005

The Philadelphia Eagles suspended star wide receiver Terrell Owens for three additional games and announced that he would be deactivated for the remainder of the season because of "a large number of situations that accumulated over a long period of time." pg 1e



+ 55.47



+ 8.81


S&P -- UP

+ 2.67



+ 0.97


Grokster will shut operations

Grokster Ltd., a leading developer of Internet file-sharing software popular for stealing songs and movies online, agreed yesterday to shut down operations to settle a landmark piracy case filed by Hollywood and the music industry. pg 1d

Bankruptcy protection sought

Independence Air, a formidable, if temporary, discount rival to Southwest Airlines, filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. pg 1d


`The Making of a Marine Officer'

Baltimore native Nathaniel Fick, 28, is the author of the recently published One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer, based on his two combat tours in Iraq. His family lives in Cockeysville. pg 1c


"There's a huge bias [against suburbs]. I've had countless academics in this field tell me, `I wouldn't live in a suburb, I only live in a city.'"

Donald F. Norris, professor of public policy at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Article, PG 1a

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