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Ravens' 4th attempt at gadget play this season ends up as pointless as the first

Trick play

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It may be time for the Ravens to bag the tricks.

Randy Hymes' attempted toss to quarterback Kordell Stewart was the fourth failed trick play of the season, though this one came closest to working.

Stewart, who replaced an injured Anthony Wright in the third quarter of yesterday's 21-9 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, led a drive to the 26-yard line, at which point his team decided to reach deep into the playbook.

From the shotgun formation, Stewart handed the ball to receiver Hymes, then sneaked out on the back side of the play for a pass. Stewart was uncovered, but Hymes overthrew him. Stewart dived and got both hands on the ball, but lost it as he hit the ground.

"Randy threw such a horrible pass," Stewart said, laughing. "No, but it was a play that if it would have been executed, it would have been a touchdown. It was one that we executed in practice quite a few times.

"Randy might have seen someone trailing me, and it caused him to put some juice on it. I had to dig a little bit more than I anticipated digging. I almost came up with it."

It was the third trick play of the season involving Hymes, and none of the previous teams fell for it.

Wright was picked off on a throw to Hymes last Monday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers after receiving a pitch from Jamal Lewis. Hymes faced double coverage on the play.

Hymes, who played quarterback in college at Grambling, also received a lateral from Wright against Tennessee at the Titans' 10-yard line, but threw the ball out of bounds when nobody was open.

The Ravens tried another flea-flicker against the New York Jets, but Wright was picked off by Erik Coleman in the end zone.

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