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November 07, 2005


Midwest tornado kills 22

A tornado tore across western Kentucky and Indiana early yesterday, killing at least 22 people as it cut through a mobile home park and obliterated trailers and houses as residents slept. pg 3a


Russian Communists seek role

As Russia's Communists celebrate the 88th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution that brought Lenin to power and laid the foundation of the Soviet state, their party finds itself without reason to celebrate much else. pg 1a

Marine dies in Iraq offensive

A Marine was killed in an insurgent ambush yesterday when his patrol raided a house in the tense border town of Husaybah, the first American casualty in a Marine-led sweep through the area aimed at stopping foreign jihadists from infiltrating Iraq through the Syrian border. pg 9a


Mfume-Cardin race wide open

The Democratic primary contest for U.S. Senate is a virtual dead heat between former congressman and NAACP chief Kweisi Mfume and U.S. Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin, with each taking about 3 of 10 votes, a new poll for The Sun shows. pg 1a

Moyer faces real opposition

Annapolis Mayor Ellen O. Moyer - who appeared to have widespread support earlier this year when she launched a well-financed re-election bid - now finds herself trying to stave off aggressive challenges from two opponents heading into tomorrow's election. pg 1b


In pursuit of plain language

Participants at the recent Fifth International Plain Language Conference in Washington are adherents of an unofficial but growing crusade to teach bureaucrats, attorneys and other habitual offenders around the world that, when it comes to communication, straight talk isn't just easier to follow. It's essential. pg 1c

Prince's design aims honored

During his visit to Washington last week, Prince Charles reinforced his reputation as an advocate of good design by opening two exhibits at the National Building Museum that document his efforts to fight "uglification" and raise the quality of architecture and urban design around the world. The museum's board gave Prince Charles one of its highest honors, the Vincent Scully Prize. The award recognizes "exemplary practice, scholarship and criticism in architecture, landscape architecture, historic preservation or urban design." pg 1c


Ravens fall to Bengals, 21-9

The Ravens failed to score a touchdown and seemed to be on the wrong side of almost all of the officials' calls in a 21-9 loss to the Bengals. Their third straight loss dropped them to 2-6, matching their worst record halfway into a season. pg 1e


"Nobody ever read a sentence and said, `Can you make this longer and more complicated for me?'"

John Strylowski of the U.S. Department of the Interior, one of the more influential advocates of plain language within the federal government

Article, PG 1C

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