Team rankings


(Last week's ranking in parentheses):

1. Colts (1)

Had two weeks to plot for the Patriots.

2. Broncos (4)

A very impressive first half.

3. Steelers (2)

This year's rookie stud: Heath Miller.

4. Giants (9)

Don't underestimate the Wellington Mara factor.

5. Falcons (5)

Trying to keep pace in the NFC West.

6. Bengals (7)

Turnover ratio is at plus-20.

7. Panthers (14)

Steve Smith is enjoying himself.

8. Patriots (6)

Might need more than Tedy Bruschi.

9. Seahawks (10)

Cardinals, Rams and 49ers in a row.

10. Eagles (6)

Defense has to get consistent.

11. Cowboys(16)

Have two weeks to prepare for Eagles.

12. Chargers (15)

Antonio Gates is hitting his stride.

13. Buccaneers (8)

Need to get Carnell Williams back in gear.

14. Jaguars (13)

Rest of their schedule looks too easy.

15. Chiefs (12)

Win two, lose two, win two.

16. Redskins(11)

Can bounce back against the Eagles.

17. Bears (19)

They don't laugh at the NFC North.

18. Rams (17)

Resilient team is ready for a push.

19. Bills (18)

Looking like also-rans again.

20. Raiders (21)

A better team than record would indicate.

21. Dolphins (22)

Not sure where they started.

22. Lions (20)

Overtime loss to the Bears took a toll.

23. Ravens (27)

It's going to be too late soon.

24. Titans (24)

Under construction for rest of the season.

25. Jets (23)

Chargers, Panthers and Broncos next.

26. Saints (26)

Jim Haslett pronounces them bad.

27. Cardinals (28)

Same old team is fading again.

28. Browns (29)

Romeo Crennel waiting for his offense to appear.

29. Vikings (25)

The season can't end soon enough.

30. 49ers (31)

Hey, Joe Montana, how about a comeback?

31. Packers (30)

Maybe Brett Favre should try his hand at running back.

32. Texans (32)

Even win over Browns can't cure them.


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