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November 06, 2005

Smoke-free air now, not sometime later

Bar and restaurant workers will breathe easier knowing that County Executive James N. Robey is on their side. (The Sun, Oct. 26). While workers in adjacent Montgomery County have enjoyed a smoke-free environment for over two years, it's time that we offer Howard County workers the same on-the-job protections.

Studies all over the country, including the one released in Montgomery County on Oct. 25, have proven that clean-indoor-air laws do not hurt business. That being the case, we should not have to wait for a two-year phase-in period. A phase-in of two years will not protect a worker's health today. We should all insist on having smoke-free air now, not some time down the road.

I have no doubt that the Restaurant Association of Maryland saw this coming.

They have fought pro-health measures in Montgomery County and on the Eastern Shore in Talbot County, but to no avail. Instead of assaulting their own workers' right to a safe and healthy work environment, they should join in making Howard County the premier place for dining and entertainment.

I certainly hope that the County Council members demonstrate support for clean indoor air for our citizens.

Barbara Hope

Ellicott City

A stellar record in Montgomery

Politics sure makes strange bedfellows. I am shocked that several Howard County Democratic elected officials announced their support for Mayor Martin O'Malley for governor ("O'Malley gains support from Howard officials," Oct. 27).

How could these seasoned politicians ignore the stellar record of neighboring Montgomery County Executive Douglas Duncan? During his tenure as mayor of Rockville and two terms as county executive, Mr. Duncan has built a strong and vibrant county that is the model for how the state should be run.

What has Mr. O'Malley done in the meantime? Merely erected empty "Believe" signs around town, played in his band and presided over a failed Baltimore City school system and a decaying city.

Rank-and-file Democratic voters in Howard County and elsewhere are smarter than where these elected officials would lead us. They will vote for the vision, integrity, experience and accomplishments of Mr. Duncan come September 2006.

Elizabeth Snyder

Ellicott City

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