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November 06, 2005

Issue: -- The Anne Arundel County Health Department recently sent a warning to public high school students after four teenagers contracted a rare and hard-to-treat skin infection while getting tattoos in a tattoo artist's home. Two of the teens were hospitalized for several days. According to the Health Department, tattoo artists aren't required to have licenses in Maryland, and their establishments aren't routinely inspected. Last week, The Sun asked Anne Arundel readers whether regulations regarding tattoo artists and where they work were too lax. Here is a sampling of responses:

Lax parenting, not regulation

It's unfortunate when we have to punish free enterprise in this country because our children's parents are not stepping up to their responsibilities of parenting their kids.

This is not the only area we are seeing this problem. Even our government is trying to control us in ways it was not meant to do because too many people refuse to accept their responsibilities.

Regarding tattoos, I am not in favor of them. My kids will never have my permission to do such a thing. It is my responsibility to supervise their actions and teach them right from wrong until they are grown. Hopefully, I do my job well.

Dan Baker

Thomasville, Pa. (formerly Millersville, Md.)

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