Rivals differ on how to deal with crime

More officers, lighting, cameras proposed


The two candidates for Ward 4 alderman agree that crime is one of the major issues facing the area, though each has different ideas about how to address it.

Democratic candidate Wayne Taylor said he favors placing police cameras in problem areas, increasing lighting and encouraging residents to participate in neighborhood watch programs. He also wants to form a public safety committee so that residents can decide where cameras should be placed and what other measures should be taken.

Tyrone R. Furman, the Republican candidate, said he is concerned about crime, particularly in public housing neighborhoods. He said he favors hiring more police officers, or at least making better use of the city's officers.

"Crime may have gone down on Main Street, but talk to some of the people I've talked to, they feel crime has not gone down," he said.

The district is bounded by West Street on the east, Spa Road and Chatham Lane on the south, the county line on the west and various streets (including Russell Street and the Aris T. Allen Boulevard corridor) on the north.

Furman, 44, said he entered the race at the urging of Ward 4 Alderman George O. Kelley Sr., who is running for mayor.

"He came and asked me, and I said, `I'll give it a shot,'" said Furman, a counselor with the Young Fathers Employment Support Program of the Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services.

Furman said he has worked with many young men struggling to get jobs and make child support payments and has become concerned about the direction of the community. He said he wants to ensure that the poorest residents aren't "left behind."

Furman said he's not familiar with some of the details of the recent debate over annexation, but he said the city needs to ensure it has the infrastructure to absorb new areas likely to be developed.

According to computerized court records, Furman received one year's probation before judgment in 1986 on a charge of battery.

"It was one of those things -- girlfriend/boyfriend -- we had an argument," said Furman, noting that the incident was nearly 20 years ago.

Furman lives in the Annapolis Walk community with his wife and four children.

Taylor, 47, said he's running for office because he's "always had a passion for helping people."

Taylor has been an independent contractor for the past two years, selling flooring and carpet. Before that, he had a 10-year career in retail management.

A native of Prince George's County, he has lived in Annapolis for the past eight years. He lives in Bywaters Mutual Homes with his wife and 11-year-old son. In addition to crime, Taylor said he's concerned about city annexation.

"I am for development, but only after it's been adequately facilitated into the city," he said.

Traffic is also a concern of his. "There's really not a whole lot to do other than study it to see where relief can take place," he said. "We can set some standards where we can have buses pull off the road, rather than stop in the road, and encourage individuals to take public transit."

Taylor said that, if elected, he would seek to keep in constant contact with constituents. He said he would open a constituent office, build a Web site and send regular e-mail to residents. "I want to create a partnership between the constituents and Wayne Taylor," he said.

Furman had no criticism of Taylor, stressing that he didn't get into the race to trade charges.

Said Furman: "If either one of us wins, let's make sure we do what's right for our constituents."


Annapolis polling places

Ward 1

Precinct 1: Bates Middle School, 701 Chase St.

Precinct 11: Annapolis Elementary School, 180 Green St.

Ward 2

Precinct 2: Germantown Elementary School, 1411 Cedar Park Road

Precinct 12: West Annapolis Elementary School, 210 Annapolis St.

Ward 3

Precinct 3: Walter Mills/Parole Elementary School, 103 Chinquapin Round Road

Precinct 13: Annapolis Library, 1410 West St.

Ward 4

Precinct 4: Heritage Baptist Church, 1740 Forest Drive.

Precinct 14: American Legion, 1707 Forest Drive.

Ward 5

Precinct 5: Annapolis Middle School, 1399 Forest Drive.

Precinct 15: Salvation Army, 351 Hilltop Lane

Ward 6

Precinct 6: Tyler Heights Elementary, 200 Janwal St.

Precinct 16: St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 1101 Bay Ridge Ave.

Ward 7

Precincts 7 and 17: Georgetown East Elementary School, 111 Dogwood Road

Ward 8

Precinct 8: Eastport Volunteer Fire Hall, 914 Bay Ridge Ave.

Precinct 18: Eastport Elementary School, 420 Fifth St.

Source: city of Annapolis

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