November 05, 2005

Article on McMillan well-done, uplifting

Kevin Van Valkenburg's article about former Baltimore Colts fullback Randy McMillan ["Comeback road step at a time", Sunday] was the best I've read in The Sun (not just the sports page) in the past 20 years.

Van Valkenburg deserves congratulations on recognizing a person who was not only a local kid, but also an outstanding football player.

I'm sure that I'm one of many who remember Randy as a hard-nosed player who gave 100 percent on every play. I've often wondered what happened to him, and it's very uplifting to read about his recovery from very difficult times and the outstanding attitude that carried him through.

Randy McMillan is remembered as an outstanding player and now, thanks to the article, we know he is an outstanding person, too.

Thomas W. Greene


Ravens can't win with lousy offense

As much as I agree with Rick Maese's assertion that Monday night's Ravens loss to the Steelers was basically a positive loss ["Ravens show some fight; maybe season won't be a total knockout," Tuesday], I do have to put in some fine print to that statement.

Until the Ravens learn how to punch the ball into the end zone for touchdowns, I can't see them winning more than six games this year. The Ravens cannot win games now with one offensive touchdown, a bunch of field goals and inspired defense. This team is not the 2000 team.

Coach Brian Billick needs to be gone after this year. The consecutive years with no balanced offense is getting old with the fans as well as some players.

Matt Stover and the defense cannot carry this team forever. Something has to be done and a fresh start at head coach might be what is needed for next year.

Phil Bauer

Bel Air

Cavanaugh wasn't problem, after all

If there is one thing I've learned about the Ravens this year, it's that Matt Cavanaugh was certainly not the source of the inherent offensive problems on this team.

He was, however, a very handy scapegoat.

Digging a little deeper, I think the source of the problem sits a little higher in the pecking order.

Mr. Billick, are you listening?

Patrick R. Lynch


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