For kids, 3-D is in-your-face fun


At a Chicken Little 3-D screening Wednesday night, the sky fell - into the audience.

Watching through green plastic 3-D glasses, kids giggled and parents smiled as dodgeballs, leaves and other objects seemingly popped out of the screen in front of them. Muvico in Arundel Mills Mall and Crown Theatres in Annapolis will show the 3-D version of Chicken Little, which opens today.

Brothers Theron and Trenton Kapayou threw their hands up to deflect digital pieces of an exploding logo as the movie started. Both Theron, 12, and Trenton, 11, saw Spy Kids 3D and agreed Chicken Little was "more funnier." They said the glasses, which didn't have the usual red- and blue-tinted lenses, looked better and didn't make their eyes hurt afterward.

"I still think these ones are cooler because they're not red and blue," Trenton said. "It gets a little blurry sometimes - that's the disadvantage."

Sitting next to their mother, Dixie, and younger brothers Tanner and Thadius, the two said they hope the DVD will be in 3-D as well.

What will they do with their glasses until then?

"Put them in a safe place," Theron said.

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