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November 03, 2005

Good morning --Theo Epstein -- Your decision to leave the Red Sox was personal? Like in The Godfather?


Was the Ravens defense more enjoyable to watch without Ray Lewis on the field?

No! I need my weekly fix of Ray smashing running backs and pointing to his biceps. His intensity was sorely missed on the final defensive stand Monday night.

Rob LaHart

Glen Burnie

Yes! While Ray danced, speed and youth danced on the field. The game has changed. The pass now sets up the run. Change is good and more enjoyable to watch.

Chuck Friedel


Must have been a slow sports news day! Let's see if The Sun can villify Mr. Lewis the same way it did Eddie Murray. We all know how that debacle ended.

Patrick R. Lynch



Which free agent should the Orioles make their priority?

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