Fans playing guessing game with `Fame'


ATLANTA -- Roger Hipsher of Knoxville, Tenn., is a regular at Atlanta Motor Speedway during Nextel Cup race weekends, but he can't decide whether NASCAR's Hall of Fame should be placed in Atlanta or Charlotte, N.C.

NASCAR is expected to announce in December whether the Hall will be awarded to Atlanta, Charlotte, Daytona Beach, Fla., Kansas City, Kan., or Richmond, Va.

If the decision was left to Hip- sher, he'd likely flip a coin.

"I'm kind of divided," he said. "Charlotte is the birthplace of NASCAR, but Atlanta has a lot of history. I'm a Southern boy, and I can't see it being in Kansas City. Kansas City is new to the scene, and there's not a whole lot of history there, though it is centrally located in the country."

Woodstock, Ga., resident Jay Plush, a Kansas native, thinks his former home state is a long shot to land the hall.

"I believe the Hall of Fame should probably be in Charlotte, though I will say I fell in love with NASCAR at Atlanta Motor Speedway," Plush said. "But I believe it should be somewhere in the Southeast."

But Hipsher predicts there will be little drama when the long-awaited decision is made.

"It will go to Charlotte," Hipsher said.

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