Forum set Wednesday on city school closures

Baltimore & Region

October 31, 2005

The Baltimore school system will host a public forum at 7 p.m. Wednesday for community members to comment on a process under way to close some city schools.

The meeting will be held at Polytechnic Institute, 1400 W. Cold Spring Lane.

Responding to declining enrollment and deteriorating school buildings, the school board voted this month to reduce its operating space by 2.7 million square feet over the next three years. System officials insist that they do not know which schools they will close to meet that target.

About 1,800 people turned out Oct. 19 at a forum at Poly, most prompted by a rumor that Poly and Western High School are to merge. The school system had participants fill out questionnaires, but there was no opportunity for public comment.

Though the city has been divided into eight planning areas to determine which schools to close, which to renovate and where to build new schools, the forum Wednesday will be open to residents citywide, officials said.

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