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Eagles (4-2) @Broncos (5-2)

TIME, TV -- 4:15 p.m., chs. 45, 5

LINE -- Broncos by 3 1/2

SKINNY -- Eagles coach Andy Reid has threatened to run the ball this week, but the Broncos are fifth defending the run and 26th against the pass. Looks like another air raid for Donovan McNabb. Denver QB Jake Plummer's mobility could be a factor against the blitz.

PICK -- Broncos

Worth seeing

Chiefs (4-2) @Chargers (3-4)

TIME, TV -- 4:05 p.m., Ch. 9

LINE -- Chargers by 6

SKINNY -- Neither team plays good pass defense, so this could become a shootout. The Chargers' LaDainian Tomlinson is coming off his career-low 7-yard rushing game against the Eagles.

PICK -- Chargers

Bears (3-3) @Lions (3-3)

TIME -- 1 p.m.

LINE -- Lions by 3

SKINNY -- The NFC North will have a winning team after this game. The Lions feel rejuvenated with QB Jeff Garcia. If defense decides it, the Bears are better.

PICK -- Bears

Jaguars (4-2) @Rams (3-4)

TIME -- 1 p.m.

LINE -- Jaguars by 3 1/2

SKINNY -- Rams QB Jamie Martin's fifth career start will come against the Jaguars' No. 2 pass defense. QB Byron Leftwich will have an easier time against the Rams' secondary (No. 28).

PICK -- Jaguars

Bills (3-4) @Patriots (3-3)

TIME, TV -- 8:30 p.m., ESPN

LINE -- Patriots by 9

SKINNY -- The Patriots are getting some of their injured back, including DE Richard Seymour and perhaps LB Tedy Bruschi. A loss would be the clearest sign yet that they're in trouble. They're not.

PICK -- Patriots


TIME -- 4:05 p.m.

LINE -- Saints by 2 1/2

SKINNY -- Former LSU coach Nick Saban of Miami goes back to his old stomping ground, while the Saints play their first "home" game in Baton Rouge. Do the Saints get home-field advantage?

PICK -- Saints

Raiders (2-4) @Titans (2-5)

TIME -- 1 p.m.

LINE -- Raiders by 1

SKINNY -- The Titans' blitzing defense is second in sacks per play. If anything will easily disrupt Raiders QB Kerry Collins, it's pressure defense.

PICK -- Titans

Packers (1-5) @Bengals (5-2)

TIME -- 1 p.m.

LINE -- Bengals by 9

SKINNY -- The Packers' defense has been gritty but may not be able to hang with the Bengals' offense. Brett Favre vs. Carson Palmer could be fun, however.

PICK -- Bengals

Cardinals (2-4) @Cowboys (4-3)

TIME -- 1 p.m.

LINE -- Cowboys by 9

SKINNY -- The Cowboys let a game slip away in Seattle that never should have gotten away. They can't do that two weeks in a row and talk about the playoffs.

PICK -- Cowboys

Vikings (2-4) @Panthers (4-2)

TIME -- 1 p.m.

LINE -- Panthers by 7 1/2

SKINNY -- Carolina's soft secondary should prove inviting for the Vikings, but turnovers are Minnesota's trademark.

PICK -- Panthers

Easy to miss

Browns (2-4) @Texans (0-6)

TIME, TV -- 1 p.m., Ch. 13

LINE -- Texans by 2

SKINNY -- QB Trent Dilfer's days as a starter seem numbered. A loss to the Texans almost certainly would trigger the Charlie Frye era in Cleveland.

PICK -- Texans

Buccaneers (5-1) @49ers (1-5)

TIME -- 4:15 p.m.

LINE -- Bucs by 11

SKINNY -- It's going to get worse before it gets better for Mike Nolan.

PICK -- Bucs

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