Howard history

October 30, 2005

1774: The burning of the `Peggy Stewart'

On Oct. 19, 1774, a number of Howard County patriots -- including Dr. Evan W. Warfield and Capt. Thomas Hobbs -- rode to Annapolis after learning that the brig Peggy Stewart had entered that city's harbor laden with tea, according to an account by Jean Warfield Kennan.

"The colonists had agreed not to import tea, which was one of the commodities on which they were highly taxed," Kennan wrote in Howard's Roads to the Past. "They confronted the owner of the brig, Anthony Stewart, and gave him the choice of burning his brand new ship or being hanged."

The owner chose to torch his ship and cargo, in an incident that became known as "The Burning of the Peggy Stewart."

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