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October 30, 2005

Here is a selection of recent reader comments on The Sun in e-mails and letters to public editor Paul Moore, who is on vacation:

Vozzella horrifies some

(On a Laura Vozzella column that referred to an elaborate Halloween lawn display at the governor's mansion in Annapolis as "a little, well, Arbutus.")

Laura Vozzella sounds like a real snob with her comments about the

Governor's decorations. And, no, I'm not from Arbutus or Dundalk

Chas' Mom

I have lost all respect for a newspaper representing Baltimore to bash a neighborhood or a family because they chose to display fun Halloween decorations ... I am a Baltimore resident familiar with the Arbutus area, and this is a lovely, family-oriented neighborhood that Annapolis should be so lucky as to have some it its [Arbutus'] influence spill over in the "hoity toity" or "Martha Stewart-esque" atmosphere that it is known for. ... Maybe this woman should be keeping her comments to herself rather than publishing them, as they are ridiculous.


Shame on you. The Governor and his family should be able to celebrate Halloween with their children, just like any other family. Too bad you have nothing better to do than be judgmental.


Mike Preston pro and con

I just wanted to say that I love Mike Preston's articles, and I'm glad that the Baltimore Sun has someone that writes what the average Baltimorean thinks after seeing the Ravens play. I would like to suggest to him that he call next Monday night's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, "The Halloween Monday Night Massacre." We all know what is coming as the dominant defensive players are out, but it will still be hard to look away.

Mike James

Once again, The Sun publishes another article by Mike Preston that lacks substance or proof. Overall, his article should be in a rack on the checkout counter at your local grocery store. I love how he cannot write one article without taking a cheap shot at Brian Billick.

Timothy Mummert

Tell Mike Preston to keep up the good work, I sincerely enjoy his columns, Q&A and humor. We certainly need it this Ravens season. In spite of what many people wearing purple colored glasses say, I think Mr. Preston is right on. Keep charging.

Phil Welzant

Cal scores

(On Cal Ripken's new Sun column on parents and children involved in sports.)

I'm not a parent. I'm not even that interested in sports, per se. But, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Cal's column. It's just a nice, sweet "love letter" of sorts from him to parents and children involved in sports. And I plan to become a regular reader.

Marsha Barnhardt

An allegation of bias

(On a Page One story headlined "Little outcry raised on Iraq.")

Why would you place such a biased article into print? You seem very disappointed that people don't protest the war. Maybe, just maybe, people understand that people die in war and many have died over the years to keep this country free. Please support our military in its efforts to stop the terrorism, and stop your biased writing. Regards.


Bear country

(On a story headlined "Eight-year-old girl bags Md. season's first bear.")

I have just read an article about an 8-year-old girl who has killed "her first bear." I have to say I find this astonishing - the fact that this story suggests that this might be a good thing. I appreciate that there might be differences in perception on certain matters due to cultural differences (I am English and this girl is American), but even so, killing is killing and I find it appalling that American newspapers celebrate the destruction of wildlife. Perhaps my opinion doesn't count for much because I am obviously not your "target audience." But I thought you might like to know how such things are perceived abroad.

Gary Kingsbury, Edgware Middlesex

It is disgraceful to make a hero out of an 8-year-old with a gun. What kind of parents are proud to have taught their child to kill? Is she the new poster child for "teach your child to kill" for fun? Would you want to be in the woods with an 8-year-old with a gun? No matter what is said about her safety training, she is still a child with a gun.

Melva Balducci

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