October 29, 2005

Like Billick, Ravens are unable to adapt

Brian Billick has succeeded in molding the Ravens into a mirror image of himself.

Stubborn and arrogant, with insistence on sticking to a formula that won a Super Bowl five years ago, courtesy of Marvin Lewis' record-setting defense, failing to develop a quarterback or any semblance of a cohesive offense during his seven-season tenure, the coach and his team have become "empty suits."

In fact, if it weren't for the much-maligned and inept Minnesota Vikings, the Ravens would be the laughingstocks of the NFL!

The new owner seems committed to his coach, which unfortunately for us fans, translates into suffering through more of what can only be described as boring, mediocre and, now, losing football.

Jerrold L. Brotman


J. Lewis' selfishness should be punished

Relative to John Eisenberg's column yesterday ["Big man warrants no flag for venting over tight spot"] - are you kidding me?

Ravens running back Jamal Lewis is done. His little tippy toes into the line are an embarrassment. No wonder the line won't block for him. What would be the sense? The linemen might get hurt.

I have been involved with athletics for 54 years in one way or another, and I can't remember another instance of a player actually verbalizing his own selfishness.

How do you think his attitude affects the rest of the team? Since he can't be kicked off the team, bench him for the rest of the season.

Jamal has no special ability anymore. Put a fork in him - he's done.

Dennis Sirman

Long Neck, Del.

NHL summaries belong in the paper

I was stunned and disappointed to find out that The Sun is no longer running NHL summaries other than those from Washington Capitals games.

I understand that since the newspaper became the property of an out-of-town media power that the general space and coverage was cut to squeeze out more profits for the owners.

I also understand that the average Baltimorean doesn't care about hockey, but there are enough Northern transplants in the area to warrant the summaries.

The NHL plays to 90-plus percent capacity in 18,000-seat buildings with ticket prices anywhere from $40 to more than $100 a game. Sorry, that's not a minor sport. It makes The Sun look bad as an alleged major newspaper.

Andy Hawk


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