Cause for Celebration

When the occasion is special, diners have their choice of gems that sparkle in Baltimore's diverse restaurant scene

Dining & Wine

October 28, 2005

Baltimore's restaurant scene has become more diverse and adventuresome in recent years. We still love our seafood restaurants and steakhouses, but we also embrace tapas, Asian fusion and Middle Eastern eateries, to name but a few.

In this Dining & Wine Guide, we wanted to explore those restaurants worthy of a celebration -- places where you might go for a birthday or anniversary, take an out-of-town friend or celebrate a promotion or graduation.

While the city has many fine restaurants, we narrowed our list to 40. Some are old favorites and others are new, but each offers the food, wine, decor or atmosphere that makes it a place to go for that special occasion.

In addition to the 40 reviews, we'll give you tips on navigating the sometimes overwhelming wine lists at restaurants these days.

Also the guide contains an alphabetical listing of more than 500 restaurants in the Baltimore and Annapolis area, with the latest information on hours, price and cuisine.

The critics are: Michael Dresser (MD), Peter Jensen (PJ), Rob Kasper (RK), Karen Nitkin (KN), Elizabeth Large (EL), Stephanie Shapiro (SS) and Liz Atwood (LA). In the listings, B denotes breakfast, L lunch and D dinner.

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