One oversized pain

Bigger-than-average DVD boxes annoy meticulous shelver

The Gripe


I may not be the tidiest person in the world, but I take pride in keeping my DVD collection in order: shelf upon shelf of discs, carefully ensconced in their protective sleeves, filed alphabetically by decade. Which is why I curse those home-video companies that insist on releasing their product in oversized packages two, three and four times bigger than regular DVDs. They wreak havoc with my filing system, for no good reason.

Take HBO's Sex and the City package, which is being released Tuesday. It's great that you can get all six seasons in one collection, but why do they have to put them in a package the size of a detergent box? Just to annoy me? When all the episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus were released together, they were enclosed in a box that was the same height as every other DVD in the world, only wider. Fit nicely right on my shelf. For Sex and the City, I'll have to put an addition on the house.

Even worse was the recent release of the "Achiever's Edition" of The Big Lebowski, which came in a box big enough to hold a set of steak knives. And what did that extra size get us? A bowling towel, some coasters and a few picture postcards ... definitely not worth the hassle.

Please, home-video folks, take pity on those of us who are proud of our well-manicured DVD shelves.

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