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October 27, 2005|By LOS ANGELES TIMES


[Fox] $20

With the release of this 1944 flick, all of Alfred Hitchcock's Hollywood films are now out on DVD. Starring Broadway star Tallulah Bankhead, heartthrob du jour John Hodiak, Walter Slezak, William Bendix, Hume Cronyn, Henry Hull and African-American actor Canada Lee, Lifeboat is sort of a claustrophobic Grand Hotel set on the high seas. Hitchcock brilliantly uses one set - the lone surviving lifeboat of an Allied ship sunk by a German U-boat - to weave his tale of survival, the class system and morality. The digital edition includes a retrospective and passionate commentary from USC film professor Drew Casper.

The Man With the Golden Arm

[Hart Sharp] $25

Frank Sinatra gives a revelatory performance in this gritty 1955 drama, which makes its DVD bow in a 50th anniversary two-disc set. Directed by Otto Preminger, The Man With the Golden Arm was one of Hollywood's first major films to deal with drug addiction. Sinatra plays Frankie Machine, a young man with a heroin problem, a shrew of a wife (Eleanor Parker) and a young woman (Kim Novak) who loves him. The film was so controversial it was released without the seal of approval from Hollywood's Production Code. It still became a big hit, and Sinatra received an Oscar nomination.

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