The Kickoff

October 26, 2005

Good morning --Bears -- So, was that hunting in Western Maryland payback for what happened to the Ravens on Sunday?

Question of the day

Can the Astros still win the World Series?

Not as long as the Yankees, Braves and Dodgers exist. Huh? Did you say those teams are finished for the year?!

Kelby Brick


Sure, they can. Biggio's wife Patty gets assaulted by a rowdy male Sox fan Sunday, infuriating the Astros. "Scrap Iron" Garner uses this to get his guys riled up. They sweep in Houston behind Clemens, Oswalt and Pettitte. They lose Game 6, but come back to win Game 7 on a ninth-inning go-ahead home run by ... who else? Biggio. How's that for drama?

Jeffrey Mariner



Do you feel more optimistic about the Orioles since the end of the season?

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