Annapolis through a lens


Anne Arundel County through the eyes of Sun photographers

October 26, 2005

Sixteen Annapolis High School students took part in a four-day documentary photography workshop that ended Sunday. The workshop was a partnership between the National Geographic Society and Vision Workshops, and was sponsored by the Carol M. Jacobsohn Foundation.

Their assignment was to tell the story of Annapolis, as a group. Armed with digital cameras, the students fanned out all over the capital city in four teams of four. Led by mentors - professional newspaper and magazine photographers, including Nanine Hartzenbusch of The Sun - the students researched their ideas, prepared shooting lists and planned their stories.

After taking pictures around Annapolis, the students culled their photos from about a total of about 10,000 to 12 for each team. Here is a selection of photos from their show.

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