Avocado, bacon and shrimp: Call it a wrap



When I lived in San Francisco, I often escaped the city and drove north across the Golden Gate Bridge to the desolate land known as Point Reyes, Calif.

A fin-shaped peninsula jutting miles out into the sea, Point Reyes offered empty beaches and a charming lighthouse set high on the rocks with dramatic cliff-top views of the Pacific Ocean. I would stop at a village store and pick up a sandwich made with sliced avocado, strips of artisan-smoked bacon and cold, cooked shrimp. It made for great munching while scanning the horizon for a stray gray whale or two.

The buttery avocado paired naturally with the smoky bacon and shrimp. It's a sandwich that manages to seem healthful and decadent at the same time. A buttery chardonnay or white Burgundy works well with this sandwich.

Bill Daley writes for the Chicago Tribune.

Avocado, bacon and shrimp: Call it a wrap

2 sandwiches -- Preparation time: 15 minutes

2 large lavash flatbreads or flour tortillas (see note)

1 tablespoon regular or low-fat mayonnaise

4 leaves lettuce

1 avocado, peeled, pitted, sliced

1 tomato, sliced

1/2 pound cooked peeled shrimp

4 slices cooked bacon

Spread the flatbreads or tortillas with mayonnaise. Lay a lettuce leaf on each; top each with avocado and tomato slices. Divide the shrimp and bacon evenly among the sandwiches; top each with the remaining lettuce. Roll the flatbread to make a tight cylinder.

Note: Lavash is a flatbread that can be found in Middle Eastern markets and some supermarkets.

Per sandwich: 605 calories; 33 grams fat; 7 grams saturated fat; 185 milligrams cholesterol; 48 grams carbohydrate; 31 grams protein; 997 milligrams sodium; 8 grams fiber

Recipe and analysis from the Chicago Tribune

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