Former state official wants reimbursement for legal bills

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BALTIMORE (AP) - A former state official who was cleared of allegations he misused (m) millions of dollars in federal grants now wants the state to pay his legal bills.

The State Attorney General's office tells W-B-A-L radio that Stephen Amos wants state taxpayers to give him more than 193-thousnd dollars to cover his legal costs.

Amos headed the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention under former Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. He had been indicted for mishandling public money, but the charges were dismissed in January.

The reimbursement request is going before the state Board of Public Works.

State Comptroller William Donald Schaefer -- who sits on the board -- tells W-B-A-L that Amos might be entitled to the money, if it can be proven the charges were based on his conduct at a state official. But Schaefer says he wants to study the request before approving it.

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