Team rankings

NFL Week


(Last week's ranking in parentheses):

1. Colts (1)

Defense still driving Super Bowl caravan.

2. Broncos (4)

5-1 for third time in three seasons.

3. Bengals (7)

21 take-aways through six games.

4. Chargers (8)

Best player in NFL? Easy: LaDainian Tomlinson.

5. Steelers (2)

Special teams look good, but Ben Roethlisberger-less offense is horrible.

6. Eagles (5)

Success hinges on how quickly Donovan McNabb can get healthy.

7. Buccaneers (10)

As long as Carnell Williams is out, team will limp along.

8. Patriots (3)

Struggling to put together two good halves.

9. Falcons (6)

Saints shouldn't have given them that much trouble.

10. Cowboys (13)

Would be even better with offensive consistency.

11. Jaguars (12)

Secondary is starting to come together.

12. Panthers (14)

Chris Weinke looked good in relief of Jake Delhomme.

13. Seahawks (16)

Shaun Alexander is brilliant at home, but needs to show it on road.

14. Redskins (11)

Need to get Clinton Portis rolling - or at least into end zone.

15. Chiefs (15)

Jared Allen is a defensive beast, but he can't do it alone.

16. Giants (9)

NFL's hottest offense hit a major speed bump in Dallas.

17. Bills (18)

Willis McGahee is starting to hit his stride.

18. Rams (19)

Marc Bulger is hurting, and so is St. Louis.

19. Dolphins (17)

Can't take next step with Gus Frerotte at QB.

20. Lions (20)

High draft picks on offense not clicking.

21. Titans (22)

Think Norm Chow might like to go back to USC?

22. Ravens (28)

Turns out Anthony Wright does have some game left.

23. Bears (29)

Offense looks good ... but against the Vikings.

24. Jets (21)

Vinny Testaverde is a heartwarming story but an all-too-short one.

25. Saints (25)

Will catch a break if Rams don't have Bulger.

26. Raiders (23)

Team has no defense for its lack of defense.

27. Browns (24)

Zero rushing TDs after five games.

28. Packers (26)

Have never been happier to be in NFC North.

29. Cardinals (30)

At least kicker Neil Rackers will make Pro Bowl.

30. Vikings (27)

A matter of time before Mike Tice is shown door.

31. 49ers (32)

Mike Nolan's 49ers look worse than Dennis Erickson's.

32. Texans (31)

Could be worst team since merger.

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