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October 23, 2005

Here is a selection of recent reader comments on The Sun in e-mails to public editor Paul Moore, who is on vacation:

Praise for 'On Their Own' series

What a moving story. You have done an incredible job of telling a story without a political slant and thinly veiled ulterior motives. I am an educator in Texas and would like to know how to send a care package to these boys. Thank you. Jennifer This expose is so powerful on so many levels. Liz Bowie, reporter, and AndrM-i F. Chung, photographer, captured the strength of adolescent friendship, the resolve to overcome adversity and the sheer cruelty and indifference of the most developed country in the world. This is the quality of journalism I suspect the founding fathers had in mind when they added the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution, for it surely is an indictment not only of national, state and local government but of this free society as a whole. This is "shock and awe." Shock that a civilized society turns a cold shoulder to socially responsible issues throughout this nation, and awe that Iven Bailey and Gary Sells survived to tell their story.

SANDY MOUL, Hanover, Pa.

Your series on Iven and Gary was tastefully done. It is a very touching story. I live in Pennsylvania five hours away. I read The Sun online to follow the O's and Sam Perlozzo. I live in a small town with very few African-Americans, and there are a lot of opportunities up here for them. Send them up.


I have to admit that I am not a fan of The Baltimore Sun. However, Liz Bowie and AndrM-i Chung's series . . . has totally captivated me. The best is Liz's phenomenal writing and AndrM-i's amazing photography. The worst is that this story is true. Kudos for a job well done!


Sun redesign: pros and cons

I just want to pass along comment that the new paper design is great, I really like it. I wasn't thrilled the first few days, the typeface seemed too small and the physical size of the paper [appeared to] change. Then I started to notice that it took me twice as long to read it every day because there was twice as much interesting stuff as there used to be.


Please give us back our dignified morning Sun in place of this kaleidoscope we are forced to face every morning. One can see the same thing standing in line at the checkout at the grocery store. Your paper, in many ways, is a disgrace - editorials, cartoons, etc. I [am] sure this will not get printed.


Thank you for making The Baltimore Sun look as cheap as USA Today. I thought that a "headline" was supposed to be at the top of the paper, not surrounded by promotions for other articles in the paper itself, some of them frivolous and a real distraction from what might be very serious news.


Other laurels (On a story headlined "A Filipino educator working in Baltimore schools thrives - and tries to help her colleagues do the same")

I am the supervisor of special education in a rural district in western Pennsylvania ... I was very "touched" by your story about Mrs. Mercado and I would like to be able to contact her ... After a week of many challenges in my job, reading this article has so blessed me. Thank you for writing it.


Thanks for your excellent piece on fair trade. It's the best rationale I've heard in a long time for something that I had previously thought of only as a social justice issue. Makes perfect sense - if I don't object to paying a premium for a Swoosh, why should I object to paying a premium for an Equal Exchange logo? Best of all, the article has something for liberals and libertarians to like; only the greedy should object.


(On a column by Dan Rodricks headlined "If they can't work, then this city won't work")

I think it is GREAT that you've written about this situation. Once people pay their debt(s) to society, it falls upon society to forgive and let live. . . . People need education, skills/training, & jobs, and when they don't get these basics for productive living, crime becomes the only means of survival. Let's help these people. I believe they're worth it.


Other darts

(On a story headlined " 'Frankenfish' multiplying in Potomac system")

I hate the way the media sensationalizes this story. Using the term "Frankenfish," which implies the creature is a monster, just makes it worse. The streams and fields are full of imported animals - I am against imports, too, but scaring people to make them interested in following the story is irresponsible. Perhaps we should rid our state of horses, too? You do know they are not native to North America, right?


(On a story headlined "Links to an indicted lobbyist cast Ehrlich administration official Edward B. Miller's promising future into doubt")

Seems like you guys just don't get it. You have now written three articles about Ed Miller with absolutely no new information. . . . What is this accomplishing other than showing your paper for what it is, a propaganda conduit for the Democratic Party.


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