The Kickoff

October 22, 2005



Which Super Bowl champion had the better defense - the 1985 Bears or the 2000 Ravens?

Selected responses to today's question will be printed Monday on The Kickoff page. Please e-mail your answer (about 25 words) to by 3 p.m. tomorrow. Include your name, address and a daytime telephone number for verification purposes.

Good morning -- Leo Mazzone -- We look forward to your rocking in the dugout. Good thing Sam Perlozzo is more than a nodding acquaintance.


"I've had guys come up to me in nightclubs and restaurants and tell me I'm on their fantasy team. I'm like, `What? You're fantasizing about me, dog?'"

Teyo Johnson

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver

"Adding instant replay to baseball is as unthinkable as putting a whoopee cushion in a church pew, lug nuts in the chicken soup, graffiti on Mount Rushmore ... "

Bernie Lincicome

Rocky Mountain News columnist

"Eight dolphins were spotted in Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans. You should always be happy to see dolphins at your lake, it's Vikings you have to worry about."

Cam Hutchinson

Saskatoon StarPhoenix columnist

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