Bonjour Smart Coffee Maker

Go Try It

October 22, 2005|By LIZ ATWOOD

What it is: -- Infusion brewing coffee maker.

How it works: -- Put coarsely ground coffee in the 18-ounce container, add boiling water to the brewer, stir and close the lid. After 4 minutes, put the brewer on top of a mug. The coffee drains through the filter and is ready to drink. To stop the flow of coffee, lift the brewer off the mug.

What we like about it: -- Small enough to stash in a desk drawer, it lets you enjoy your favorite coffee at work. It's also great if you want to make a small amount of coffee in a hurry.

What it costs: -- $20

How to order: -- It is available at retail stores nationwide. For more information, visit

Bottom line: -- Traditional coffee makers will make a better cup of coffee, but you can't beat this for ease and convenience. The brewer easily washes up in a dishwasher.

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