Parents' Guide

October 21, 2005|By ORLANDO SENTINEL


Rating: -- Rated R for strong violence, gore and language.

What it's about: -- In the future, Marines led by The Rock drop in on a science base on Mars, where zombies are threatening to kill and convert everyone in sight.

Kid-attractor factor: -- Zombies, and it's based on the popular kill-or-be-killed video game.

Good/bad lessons: -- Even The Rock makes mistakes.

Violence: -- Constant.

Language: -- Profane.

Sex: -- Not an issue.

Drugs: -- Certainly.

Parents' advisory: -- Incredibly violent, but if you've already bought your kids the video game ...

Motion Picture Association of America ratings are (G) for general audiences; (PG) parental guidance urged because of material possibly unsuitable for children; (PG-13) parents are strongly cautioned to give guidance for attendance of children younger than 13; (R) restricted, younger than 17 admitted only with parent or adult guardian; (NC-17) no one younger than 17 admitted.

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