`The Fog' rises to No. 1, but `Doom' is coming

Box Office

October 21, 2005

LOS ANGELES -- Look for the boom to burn off the gloom. Doom, a film version of the popular video game, takes deadly aim this weekend at The Fog, a horror remake that's currently No. 1 at the box office.

The top 20 movies at U.S. and Canadian theaters Friday through Sunday, followed by distribution studio, gross, number of theater locations, average receipts per location, total gross and number of weeks in release, as compiled Monday by Exhibitor Relations Co. Inc.:

............................... Weekend...No.of...Per...Gross

Rk(lw)Title (Studio)...gross*...screens...location...Wks...total*

1( -)The Fog (Sony/Screen Gems..11.8..2,972..3,955..1..11.8

2(1)Wallace & Gromit (DreamWorks)..$11.5..3,656..$3,153..2..$33.1

3(-)Elizabethtown (Paramount)..$10.6..2,517..$4,219..1..$10.6

4(2)Flightplan (Disney)..$6.5..3,111..$2,087..4..$70.8

5(3)In Her Shoes (20th Century Fox)..$6.1..2,840..$2,150..2..$20.1

6(4)Two For the Money (Universal)..$4.7..2,397..$1,955..2..$16.6

7(-)Domino (New Line)..$4.7..2,223..$2,101..1..$4.7

8(9)A History of Violence (New Line)..$3.6..1,348..$2,671..4..$22.4

9(6)Corpse Bride (Warner Bros.)..$3.6..2,525..$1,417..5..$47.8

10(5)The Gospel (Screen Gems)..$3.1..983..$3,173..2..$12.1

11(7)Waiting (Lions Gate)..$3.0..1,652..$1,811..2..$11.7

12(8)Serenity (Universal)$2.4..1,709..$1,430..3..$22.3

13(11)Greatest Game ... (Disney)$2.2..1,725$1,2743$12.3

14(10)Into the Blue (Sony)..$1.7..1,903..$915..3..$17.2

15(12)Just Like Heaven (DreamWorks)..$1.5..1,468..$1,0225..$46.3

16(-)Good Night, and Good Luck (Warner Independent)..$1.2..68..$18,305..2..$1.9

17(14)The 40 Year-Old Virgin (Universal)..$1.0..725..$1,415..9..$106.0

18(13)The Exorcism of Emily Rose (Screen Gems)..$1.0..1,040..$919..6..$73.8

19(16)Proof (Miramax)..$0.9..494..$1,873..5..$5.8

20(15)Roll Bounce (Fox Searchlight)..$0.8..547..$1,427..4..$16.4

* in millions

Next Week

CAPOTE -- Philip Seymour Hoffman stars as Truman Capote, researching his book In Cold Blood. (Sony Pictures Classics)

THE WEATHERMAN -- A despondent and despised meteorologist (Nicolas Cage) seeks a silver lining. (Paramount Pictures)

SAW II -- Victims must escape or die trying. (Lions Gate Films)

LEGEND OF ZORRO -- Antonio Banderas returns as the swashbuckling defender of the people. (Columbia Pictures)

PRIME -- A divorced career woman (Uma Thurman) falls for the young artist son of her therapist. (Universal Pictures)

Nov. 4

CHICKEN LITTLE -- After crying wolf, a young bird realizes the sky really is falling. Now what? (Walt Disney Pictures)

SHOPGIRL -- Claire Danes is caught between two lovers, an older, wealthy divorced man and a struggling musician. (Touchstone Pictures)

JARHEAD -- Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Foxx are Marines on a soul-testing tour of duty in the Middle East. (Touchstone Pictures)

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