They Said It

October 18, 2005

"I thought about it more and was just uncomfortable that I knew something. Integrity is at the heart of the game. I don't think she cheated. I think she was just hasty."

Michael Bamberger

Of Sports Illustrated, on reporting Michelle Wie's rules infraction to LPGA officials

"This is a big win. It means a lot to us, but as a team, you have to hunker down and realize that it is just one win, and if you blow it way out of proportion, you can get off focus and lose the next week."

Brennan Schmidt

Virginia defensive end, on his team's defeat of then-No. 4 Florida State

"She says, `Well, you're going to prison for four months.' It's pretty much every day, I'm locked away someplace."

Joe Gibbs

Washington Redskins coach, on his wife's view of his job

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