Team rankings

Nfl Week


(Last week's ranking in parentheses):

1. Colts (1)

Peyton Manning doesn't have to be Superman with this defense.

2. Steelers (3)

Will be big losers if Ben Roethlisberger's knee injury is bad.

3. Patriots (4)

Injury-riddled team showed plenty of heart in Atlanta.

4. Broncos (8)

All their running backs are good.

5. Eagles (2)

Have allowed 82 points in past three games.

6. Falcons (5)

Matt Schaub looks just fine in relief at quarterback.

7. Bengals (6)

They couldn't expect to go unbeaten all season, right?

8. Chargers (9)

Run over by The Bus on final drive against Steelers.

9. Giants (10)

Great to see Giants-Cowboys rivalry mean something again.

10. Bucs (7)

Think Carnell Williams isn't a difference-maker?

11. Redskins (11)

Unbeaten streak ended in Denver.

12. Jaguars (14)

Wins are never pretty, but no one cares about style points.

13. Cowboys (17)

If they play as they did vs. Eagles, they'll be tough to beat.

14. Panthers (13)

With Bucs and Falcons losing, it's a horse race in the NFC South.

15. Chiefs (12)

Still smarting from loss to Eagles two weeks ago.

16. Seahawks (16)

Win not bad, considering they were without top two wide-outs.

17. Dolphins (15)

Offense looks like we thought it would from the start: mediocre.

18. Bills (23)

It's amazing what a veteran quarterback can do.

19. Rams (19)

As much as we like to bash coach Mike Martz, he'll be missed.

20. Lions (25)

Made Ravens' defense look like a bunch of amateurs.

21. Jets (28)

Vinny Testaverde is a conquering hero. At least for this week.

22. Titans (27)

QB looked like the Steve McNair of old last week.

23. Raiders (20)

Raiders-Chargers is as good as it gets this early.

24. Browns (26)

Romeo Crennel gets first home win, but it's not pretty.

25. Saints (18)

An absolute embarrassment in Green Bay.

26. Packers (29)

Brett Favre had his second straight effective game.

27. Vikings (24)

Mike Tice hopes the bye week cures the Vikes' ills.

28. Ravens (21)

Big problems on both sides of the ball.

29. Bears (22)

Kyle Orton is playing like a rookie QB is supposed to play: awful.

30. Cardinals (30)

Nearly pulled off upset of Panthers, but blew it.

31. Texans (31)

Let the Dom Capers Watch begin. The David Carr Watch, too.

32. 49ers (32)

Welcome to the NFL, Alex Smith.

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