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Giants (3-1) @ Cowboys (3-2)

Time -- 1 p.m.

Line -- Cowboys by 3 1/2

Skinny -- The Giants have had a relatively easy road so far, beating the Cardinals, Saints and Rams. Scoring 136 points in the process shows they have firepower. In throttling the Eagles, the Cowboys showed they have made great strides with their 3-4 defense. This is the acid test for both sides.

Pick -- Cowboys

Patriots (3-2) @ Broncos (4-1)

Time, TV -- 4:15 p.m., Chs. 13, 9.

Line -- Broncos by 3

Skinny -- The Patriots huffed and puffed their way past Atlanta's Matt Schaub last week after expecting to face Michael Vick. Today they get Jake Plummer, who is not as efficient as either of those QBs. Winning in Denver is never easy, but this could be the Patriots' chance to get on a roll.

Pick -- Patriots

Jaguars (3-2) @ Steelers (3-1)

Time -- 1 p.m.

Line -- Steelers by 3

Skinny -- Ben Roethlisberger's hyperextended knee makes this a tough proposition for the Steelers. He'll likely be replaced by veteran Tommy Maddox, who had been hurt himself. The Steelers will pound the ball anyway, and Jacksonville's run defense will either win or lose this game.

Pick -- Steelers

Worth seeing

Bengals (4-1) @ Titans (2-3)

Time -- 1 p.m.

Line -- Bengals by 3

Skinny -- Is Chad Johnson going to launch a childish, Terrell Owens-like rant every time he isn't satisfied with his own production? The signs were ominous in last week's loss. But if Marvin Lewis has to sit on Johnson to make him a team player, he will.

Pick -- Bengals

Chargers (2-3) @ Raiders (1-3)

Time -- 4:15 p.m.

Line -- Chargers by 1 1/2

Skinny -- The Chargers have squandered enough winnable games already; they can't afford any more. If this comes down to a passing duel between San Diego's Drew Brees and Oakland's Kerry Collins, Brees figures to protect the ball better. And the Raiders will have a hard time covering all the Chargers' receivers.

Pick -- Chargers

Dolphins (2-2) @ Bucs (4-1)

Time -- 1 p.m.

Line -- Bucs by 4

Skinny -- Buccaneers QB Brian Griese goes against his former Denver understudy in Gus Frerotte. After playing poorly last week, the Dolphins are on the rebound, and they get Ricky Williams back to boot.

Pick -- Dolphins

Panthers (3-2) @ Lions (2-2)

Time -- 1 p.m.

Line -- Panthers by 1

Skinny -- The Panthers are short on running backs and the Lions are low on receivers. Carolina won't gift-wrap the game for Detroit the way the Ravens did last week.

Pick -- Panthers

Jets (2-3) @ Bills (2-3)

Time -- 4:15 p.m.

Line -- Bills by 3

Skinny -- The perfect matchup - the Jets are No. 31 in rush offense, the Bills No. 31 in rush defense. At quarterback, it's Vinny Testaverde against Kelly Holcomb, both of whom had big debuts.

Pick -- Bills

Falcons (3-2) vs. Saints (2-3) @San Antonio

Time -- 1 p.m.

Line -- Falcons by 5 1/2

Skinny -- Which Saints team shows up this week? And will it matter?

Pick -- Falcons

Easy to miss

Vikings (1-3) @ Bears (1-3)

Time -- 1 p.m.

Line -- Bears by 3

Skinny -- Can Mike Tice last the year?

Pick -- Bears

Texans (0-4) @ Seahawks (3-2)

Time, TV -- 8:30 p.m., ESPN.

Line -- Seahawks by 9 1/2

Skinny -- Houston is falling off the map.

Pick -- Seahawks

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