Recent visit to an advanced English...


October 16, 2005

THE ISSUE: -- A recent visit to an advanced English class at Edgewood High School revealed that many students believe they spend more than enough time studying the works of William Shakespeare. Their teacher worries that today's students don't get enough exposure and resolves to make sure students achieve more than a rudimentary comprehension of Shakespeare. Are high school students studying enough Shakespeare?

Students should know about Shakespeare

I think Ms. Hoffman is on the right track with trying to increase the amount of Shakespeare studied in school. Maybe the students do not need to read more of Shakespeare's plays. I do feel, however, that they are truly missing a lot if someone does not point out to them that many works they may be quite familiar with have their origins and foundations with the Bard. Musicals such as West Side Story and Hair have borrowed directly from Shakespeare. Movies like 10 Things I Hate About You and O owe their roots to Shakespeare. I feel this would make a great block of study for high school students. Tallulah Bankhead once said, "There are only two true geniuses. Willie Mays and Willie Shakespeare." I think students would do well to learn more about both.

Joseph Ricci Abingdon

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Harford County is preparing to hire paid, part-time emergency medical responders to supplement its long-standing volunteer force, out of concern that volunteer fire support services are being stretched too thin in a growing county.

The question of whether all-volunteer fire and rescue services are sufficient has been debated in Harford in recent years.

County Executive David R. Craig stressed that Harford will retain a predominantly volunteer fire and EMT service. But a transition over the next decade toward more part-time, paid workers is necessary, he said.


Should Harford County move toward all-professional fire and emergency medical services? Tell us what you think. Send e-mail responses by Thursday to A selection of responses will be published next Sunday. Please keep your responses short and include your name, address and telephone number. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published.

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