Rocking baker wants us all to finally have a piece of the pie


A Drink With Rodney Henry


Rodney Henry, 40, was lead guitarist for the popular bar band Glenmont Popes before becoming a "pie magnate." His Dangerously Delicious Pies, which opened in Canton two years ago, now sells his home-baked creations to several retail and restaurant businesses in the Baltimore-Washington area. We caught up with Henry at Peter's Inn in Fell's Point.

How do you describe yourself?

Free spirit. I rock! I want everything to be happy. I want to enjoy as much stuff as I possibly can. I like to have people feel pumped up. And if it's people you're working with, [when they're happy] they work a little harder, too.

How's business?

Unbelievable! Pie is the best thing in the world. People are stopping in, diggin' pie. ... Now that we're baking more -- about 80 to 150 pies a day -- it's the hardest thing I've ever done.

Do you like the contrast between your career as a rock musician and pie maker?

That's the best thing about it. I didn't plan it. I did pies on the road, and I'd see people smile ... I totally get off on pie style ... There's lot of bands coming down to the shop and I keep them stocked with pies. They call me, wanting to play at the shop for pies.

What does pie signify for you?

To me, pie is like love. You give people a piece of yourself. I'm convinced pie could help with a lot of bad stuff in this world. Just get people together. People get pie to share. They get together and talk. People dig it. More than cake.

You sound like The Preacher of Pie.

I am. It's ridiculous. But I can't help myself. I want people to enjoy themselves, stop being so tight.

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