Stunning bowls, the perfect cat: deciding on your favorite things

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There is nothing like a move into smaller quarters to make you realize what you cherish most.

Melinda and Tony Walker, both Johns Hopkins Hospital nurses by day and art gallery owners by night, discovered that unavoidable fact this past year when they sold their home in Owings Mills to begin anew in a Fells Point rowhouse.

The relocation put them right next door to their Gallery ID8, which was great. But it forced them to play God over all their stuff, which was tough.

"We had to cull it all out," says Tony, 46, a stone carver who works in Hopkins' pediatric unit.

"It was hard letting some things go," says wife, Melinda, 43, a psychiatric nurse. "We only kept things that have memory, beauty or functionality. It really makes you think."

True. But it didn't take long, for the Walkers to separate expendable excess from these Ten Things They Can't Live Without:

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