Known extremist arrested in alleged Dutch terror plot


October 15, 2005|By LOS ANGELES TIMES

PARIS -- Dutch police arrested a known teenage extremist yesterday and six other suspects for allegedly plotting to assassinate Dutch politicians and to attack the headquarters of the Dutch intelligence service, authorities said.

The group, they said, has links to a cell broken up last year after the Nov. 2 assassination of Theo van Gogh, an outspoken filmmaker and descendant of the artist Vincent van Gogh.

As anti-terror agents carried out raids in Amsterdam, an outlying suburb and The Hague, well-armed police guarded the Netherlands' intelligence service headquarters, Parliament and other government buildings in The Hague. Authorities said the security deployment came in response to an imminent threat posed by the suspects as they prepared to buy automatic weapons and explosives to carry out attacks.

The accused ringleader is Samir Azzouz, 19, a Dutch citizen of Moroccan descent acquitted in April of charges he plotted to bomb the Amsterdam airport, according to Vincent Van Steen, a spokesman for the AIVD intelligence service.

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