`RAW' diet not so simple


October 14, 2005|By MARY BETH REGAN

RAW: The Living Food Diet (Freepoint Entertainment, $29.95, DVD with booklet)

This DVD is worth a look if you need inspiration to move beyond a nightly ritual of heating up processed food for dinner.

RAW: The Living Food Diet is produced by a California company that espouses the benefits of eating raw food.

Viewers may be enticed by the idea of cooking without cooking. But as it turns out, the 50-minute segment on preparing everything from seed cheeses to raw burritos is hardly simple. It involves blenders, food dehydrators and other equipment. Plus, it takes time.

But the principle is sound: If you eat raw, unprocessed foods, your body will more easily absorb the nutrients. The DVD comes with a booklet that includes recipes for items such as a living pizza with a sunflower crust.

Bottom Line: This DVD is upbeat and inspirational. But it may be a bit ambitious unless you're already a committed vegetarian or vegan.

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