NYC mayor explains decision to publicize subway threat


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October 12, 2005|By NEWSDAY

NEW YORK -- Faced with growing skepticism about his decision to publicize a now-discredited subway threat, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg tried to quiet his critics yesterday with nuggets of evidence that had troubled him last week.

Bloomberg said his decision to publicize the threat was based on details from a source who provided information about a potential attack. That source's information has since come under attack.

"The person that made the allegation passed his lie detector test and when an operation was mounted in Iraq to grab the other three, as they grabbed them, one of them screamed: `You're too late to stop us!'" Bloomberg said.

Two of the people who denied to interrogators that they planned to attack the subways also passed lie detector tests, Bloomberg said.

"This was an attack, or planned attack, that had a specific time and target and method," Bloomberg said. "It was the first really serious allegation of a direct attack on this city since 9/11."

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