October 08, 2005

Ravens' J. Lewis isn't dogging it

After reading Mike Preston's Tuesday column about Jamal Lewis ["Have stalled contract talks caused J. Lewis to sputter?"], I think Mr. Preston is stretching this thought a bit.

Sure, Jamal Lewis would like a new contract, but I don't believe he's dogging it because he's unhappy. Nor do I believe that his performance is affected by being unhappy.

Lewis had one of the few player interviews after the Jets game. He was completely levelheaded, positive and complimentary of the defense. He appeared sincere and conciliatory, without any hint of being disgruntled.

So while it may be fact that he's disappointed with his contract status, to intimate that his performance is suffering because of that is really an insult to Lewis.

Ron Cucina


`The Non-Producers' gets a rave review

I just got to the line "A knight from Aruba, I'm big as a tuba" in the Monday parody about the Orioles' season, and at that I had to pause to send a congratulatory note to The Sun's Kevin Van Valkenburg and Mike Klingaman.

It was one of many laughs from "The Non-Producers - A flat note," and the laughing eases the pain of another fourth-place finish by the Orioles.

Aaron Koos


Soap-opera season by O's most disturbing

I've been following the Orioles since 1965, and I can't remember a season this disturbing and disappointing.

What disturbed me most was all the other subplots with Lee Mazzilli and players like Sidney Ponson and Rafael Palmeiro.

I don't think anyone could have written a better soap opera. This season makes 1988 look like a banner year.

Phil Bauer

Bel Air

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