Crayola Crafty Cooking Kits

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October 08, 2005

What it is -- Kits with ingredients and ideas for kids to make Halloween treats.

How it works --Two kits are available - one with cake mix, icing and small pans to let kids create and decorate five small cakes and the other that lets kits shape popcorn and marshmallow into ghost-shaped treats. Trivia, word games and puzzles are included in the kits. There are also directions for how to take pictures of the creations and post them on a Web site.

What it costs --$4-$5.

How to order --Kits are available in the baking aisles of grocery and retail stores and online at

The bottom line --You can make homemade cupcakes and popcorn balls for less money and have just as much fun, but these kits make it easy to create simple cooking projects by providing most of the ingredients and decorating ideas all in one box.

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