They said it

October 07, 2005

"List the worst odors you can imagine - cesspool, steel mills, Brut or that green thing that's been at the back of the fridge for six months and is starting to move on its own. None are as bad as this game. They really shouldn't play it."

Jerry Greene

Orlando Sentinel, on the Ravens-Detroit Lions game

"It's zooming out there. It's going up and down, up and down. When you don't have the puck, you're in a lot of trouble."

Mike Babcock

Detroit Red Wings coach, on the new-look NHL

"I feel like I've let our team down, and the school, in this game. But I do not define myself by a win or loss. I hope what defines me is that I did a good job running the University of Texas program while I was here."

Mack Brown (above)

Texas football coach, on his lack of success against rival Oklahoma

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