A book to wake you to the need for good sleep

Quick Take

October 07, 2005|By MARY BETH REGAN

Sleep to Save Your Life: The Complete Guide to Living Longer and Healthier Through Restorative Sleep, by Dr. Gerald T. Lombardo (Collins, $24.95).

This latest book on the importance of sleep is a good read -- and not just if you're up late trying to doze off.

Lombardo, who trained at New York Cornell Hospital, has conducted more than 5,000 sleep studies. He concludes that Americans are suffering from health problems due to inadequate sleep and snoring.

Lombardo gives a thorough description of the human sleep cycles and outlines common ailments. Sleep apnea, for example, is a factor in diseases such as asthma, coronary artery disease and heart failure. Improper sleep also has been linked to attention deficit disorder in children. In all, Lomardo reports, one half of employed Americans have sleep problems, and as many as 36 million Americans have trouble getting through the day for lack of sleep.

Bottom Line: Our world may be able to whirl away 24 / 7, but according to Lombardo, our bodies can't keep up without a good night's sleep.

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