A raunchy, rude look at players in the `Waiting' game

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October 07, 2005|By ROGER MOORE

Here's one for everybody who ever got stiffed on a tip or hit on by an over-the-hill manager.

Waiting, written and directed by former waiter Rob McKittrick, is a raunchy, rude, Old School-style look at the world of the waiting and the waited upon.

Ryan Reynolds is perfect as Monty, the overage Lothario who's made a career waiting on folks at ShenaniganZ, and of sexing up its underage waitresses.

He tells a new recruit, restaurant work is "about learning the routine" - such as how to deal with hateful customers and "push" foods about to spoil in the freezer.

After hours, those who don't recognize the job for the trap that it is waste their money partying and making poor decisions about sexual partners.

Then there's Dean (Justin Long), the kid with the choice to make. Does he follow doofus Dan (David Koechner) into management? Or does he grow up?

Waiting makes us wait too long between laughs. But this is certain. See Waiting and you will never send a steak back to the kitchen.

Roger Moore writes for the Orlando Sentinel.

Waiting (Lions Gate Films)

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Justin Long, Luis Guzman, Chi McBride.

Directed by Rob McKittrick.

Rated R.

Time 94 minutes.

Review C

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