Also-rans should roll credits first

The Gripe


An occasional feature in which Sun writers and critics sound off about the movies.

It used to be that saving the credits for last was a sure sign the film you were about to watch was something special, something of epic scale, maybe even something entirely new. The Star Wars films saved their credits for the end.

So did Saving Private Ryan, Titanic, the three Lord of the Ringsmovies. It was the cinematic equivalent of taking a proud bow after the last act, of calling the director up onstage for the final curtain call. It was a mark of pride, a sign of superior achievement.

But somewhere along the line, putting everyone's name last lost its significance. Opening in theaters today, for instance, is Two for the Money, with Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey as high-rolling bookies. Money saves its credits for the end.

And believe me, it isn't worth the wait.

Not that Pacino hasn't starred in many movies of distinction. The Godfather,Dog Day Afternoon, Scarface and, even Donnie Brasco come to mind. But Two for the Money?

Let's stop keeping viewers in the dark, or trying to con them into thinking what they're about to see is something out of the ordinary. Be proud, filmmakers, and put your names boldly out front, where everyone - even those who leave the film early - can see them.

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