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October 06, 2005|By LOS ANGELES TIMES


[Fox] $30

Robots is a visually stunning, computer-animated, family comedy from the creative team of Ice Age. The best of the extras are the original Robots short used to pitch the movie; a decent "making of" featurette; a mini-documentary on the Blue Man Group, who collaborated on the score; an informative look at the creation of each character, including interviews with the voice actors; and laid-back commentary with director Chris Wedge and production designer William Joyce.

Rugrats Tales From the Crib: Snow White

[Paramount] $20

Rugrats Tales From the Crib: Snow White is the first in a new made-for-video series with the popular Nickelodeon animated characters in classic fairy tales with music.Angelica is the Evil Queen, Susie is Snow White and the Rugrats are the dwarf-babies.

Coming Tuesday

Arrested Development -- Season 2; Kicking & Screaming; Woman, Thou Art Loosed; The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; Super Size Me; Unleashed

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