Getty Museum will return pieces reported stolen in Italy


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October 04, 2005

ROME -- The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles will return three ancient artifacts that were among a group of pieces allegedly stolen from Italy, the Italian Culture Ministry said yesterday.

Walter Guarracino, a spokesman for the ministry, said the artifacts will be donated to allow the museum to avoid admitting wrongdoing in their acquisition. Italian prosecutors say they were among about 40 archaeological treasures looted in Italy and bought by the museum between 1986 and the late 1990s.

The gift will not alter Italy's position in a trial against the Getty's former antiquities curator, Marion True, according to Guarracino, who said Italian officials traveling to Los Angeles will receive the artifacts within days.

True has denied charges of criminal association and receiving stolen goods, while Getty officials say they have not found any evidence of wrongdoing.

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