Locating hotels in Cabo San Lucas


October 02, 2005|By KNIGHT RIDDER / TRIBUNE

We're looking for two three-bedroom condos or a five-star hotel with restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, that is close to downtown and can accommodate families at Thanksgiving. Can you help?

You'll find some spectacular luxury resort hotels in Cabo San Lucas, among them Villa la Estancia and Villa del Palmar, which are next to each other on the beach and about a 20-minute walk from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Both have three-bedroom suites, although Villa del Palmar might be better for families since it offers tennis, miniature golf, ATV and scooter rentals, and daily activities. But guests of Villa la Estancia also have full use of Villa del Palmar facilities. Information: villagroupresorts .com.

Playa Grande (playagrandere sort.com) is another five-star hotel and is a closer walk to downtown, but it doesn't have three-bedroom suites. It does, however, have two restaurants on the premises and two others a short walk away.

If you're interested in a villa, check Earth, Sea and Sky Vacations (cabovillas.com), based in California. They can find you a beachfront villa or resort and take care of all your needs, from golf tee times to fishing charters to spa appointments.

I am a Pakistani citizen and a permanent U.S. resident. Do I need a visa to enter Mexico? Does it matter if I walk across the border or fly into the country? You won't need a visa, but you will have to show your passport and permanent resident card (also known as a green card) to enter Mexico, regardless of how you enter the country. You can stay there for up to three months.

However, citizens of foreign countries who are in the United States on working or tourist visas must apply for a visa to travel into Mexico. To apply, visit the Mexican Consulate in Washington. For more information, call 202-736-1002.

I'm planning a trip to Grand Teton National Park near Yellowstone to see wildlife, but my friend said it's just a barren park with mountains and no wildlife. Is he right? Viewing wildlife at Grand Teton or Yellowstone is a matter of timing, but there's plenty to see, even in fall and winter - bison, elk, pronghorn antelope, moose and more.

A visit to park headquarters, a half-mile west of Highways 89/191 in Moose, Wyo., is the best place to start. There, park rangers will be able to direct you to the best locations for wildlife viewing.

October is mating time for elk, when males gather their harems of 10 or more cows to guard them from other bulls. Catch them along Teton Park Road near Jenny Lake and on Jenny Lake Scenic Loop Road. If the weather is warm, remember that elk - there are about 2,500 in the area during summer - are more easily viewed at dawn and dusk, when it's not so hot.

You can also see large groups of bison in the eastern portion of the park, many of them grazing near Highway 89. Pronghorn antelope are visible east of the visitors' center. Moose enjoy wetlands, so look for them near Oxbow Bend and Snake River, especially in winter.

Details, including tips for safe watching: nps.gov/grte.

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