The Kickoff

October 02, 2005

Good morning --Ed Reed -- Not that we need to remind you, but Herman Edwards has a history of calling for the halfback option.

Question of the day

Which teams do you predict will meet in the World Series?

Selected responses to today's question will be printed tomorrow on The Kickoff page. Please e-mail your answer (about 25 words) to by 3 p.m. tomorrow. Include your name, address and a daytime telephone number for verification purposes.

They said it

"Priest prays over them, and I bury them."

Larry Johnson

Chiefs running back (above), on nicknaming himself and Priest Holmes the "Church Backfield"

"One more multimillion-dollar contract extension for these coaches, and they'll be on Anna Nicole Smith's Most Wanted list."

Gene Frenette

Florida Times-Union columnist, on Penn State's Joe Paterno, 78, and Florida State's Bobby Bowden, 75

"He's lucky to be alive. Doctors ordered him out of the lineup in March when tests revealed he had blood in his steroids stream."

Argus Hamilton

Comedian, on the Giants' Barry Bonds

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