Helping in Katrina's Wake

Area colleges put out the welcome mat but more help is needed for evacuees



With only the clothes on their backs, an estimated 1 million Hurricane Katrina victims began migrating north and south, east and west in September, to find temporary housing, a new home.

There are others looking for a way to continue their education -- disrupted by the catastrophe that has taken a human and financial toll in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

The city of Baltimore and some area families and churches have opened their doors and their pockets to help in the relief efforts.

Nationally, some schools, including historically black colleges and universities, have gotten involved.

Among area schools, Coppin State University, Morgan State University and Howard University are extending a helping hand by offering affected students a chance to continue their education while the chaos left behind by Katrina is being dealt with.

It may be years before these fractured lives return to normal. Many people will have to begin life anew.

In the meantime, life continues and so does the need for the public's help. Here's where you can send a donation:

Morgan State University

1700 E. Cold Spring Lane

Baltimore, MD 21251


Coppin State University

2500 W. North Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21216


Howard University

Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs

2400 6th St. N.W., Suite 201

Washington, D.C. 20059


United Negro College Fund

Attn: Accounts Receivable

8260 Willow Oaks Corporate


P.O. Box 10444

Fairfax, VA 22031-8004


Operation Healing

P.O. Box 2904

Baltimore, MD 21229

Call New Psalmist

Baptist Church

410-945-3000, ext. 3015

Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund

Office of President

George H.W. Bush

Re: Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund

10000 Memorial Drive

Suite 900

Houston, TX 77024


Office of President

William J. Clinton

Re: Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund

55 W. 125th St.

New York, NY 10027

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