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October 02, 2005


Double the beef

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to take a major step toward approval soon, proposing to permit the sales of meat and milk from cloned cows and their offspring, according to officials from government, industry and consumer groups. pg 1a


Bali bombing

A series of bomb blasts rocked popular tourist areas on the resort island of Bali last night, killing at least 23 people and injuring scores of others, the Indonesian government and television reports said. pg 1a


Jockeying for mayor

Nearly a dozen City Hall politicians -- including many who cheered as Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley officially kicked off his campaign for governor -- have already started jockeying for the handful of posts that could come up for grabs if the mayor wins. pg 1b


Stripping identity

The magnetic strip on the back of credit cards has become the backbone of today's cashless society, having nearly outlived other sister technologies of its era such as the cassette and videotape. But in recent years, it has also been a pawn in the rise of identity theft, an easy mark for criminals equipped with the latest in technology. pg 1a


Terps upset Virginia

Maryland scored on seven of its 11 possessions en route to a 45-33 homecoming win against No. 19 Virginia. The Terps racked up 570 yards of total offense against what had entered the game as the fifth-best defense in the Atlantic Coast Conference. pg 1d


Campus potentates

When did university presidents start expecting to be treated like minor royalty? And why do colleges put up with it? pg 1f


Hot velvet

The fashion gods say velvet is one of the hottest fabrics this fall for menswear. But will the guys in Baltimore go for it? pg 1n

Quote Of the day

"For Russians, it's more than a lifestyle. It's a monument to themselves."

Jack A. Barbanel, president of the Strategic Investment Group, on Russians' expensive taste Article, PG 1A


Shooting the storm

Go online to see post-Katrina video shot by Karl Merton Ferron.

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